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Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Cash Payment
Payment must be made within 30 days.
Option 2: 20 - 80% (512 Months)
20% Down Payment payable for 12 months
80% Balance through Bank or Pag-ibig Financing


Why You Should Consider Buying Lotus Lakeside

Residents of Lotus Lakeside do not only get to live in an elite area at a very reasonable price but they also have the added benefits of popular amenities on their doorstep. The comprehensive road networks make commuting to work easier than from most other locations and even makes recreational outings significantly easier as most facilities are within just a few minutes’ drive.

Perhaps the best benefit of choosing to live in Lotus Lakeside is that the investment made in the property is a sound financial investment due to the location, amenities and the fact that the area is still expanding and improving. New companies are still opening in Northgate Cyberzone and additional infrastructure for tourism is still being developed. Any area which attracts businesses will see an increase in property prices and the same applies to areas where tourism is expanding. Add to those the fact that the area is ideal for residential buildings and you will see property values increase significantly in just a few years.

Although nobody likes long commutes, neither do they like living in the city and so owning a home which is conveniently close to your place of work and yet is serene and relaxing, allows the best of both worlds. This is the situation with Lotus Lakeside but with Lotus Lakeside you can also add the benefits of all the amenities that are on site.

There are few places in the Philippines which are so conveniently located or as luxurious as Lotus Lakeside, certainly not at the same relatively low price anyway. With all the facilities that are close to Lotus Lakeside, it is easy to see why so many tourists pay good money to visit the area and yet Lotus Lakeside residents have access to them all, all year round, allowing them ample time to make the most of whatever they chose.

Regardless of how busy the area gets, residents can rest peacefully knowing that they are safe in their gated community, patrolled 24/7.

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