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Although there is almost anything anyone might need, close to Lotus Lakeside, for total rest and relaxation it is best not to travel at all, even a short distance and so Richfield Properties Inc. ensured residents would only have to travel occasionally; they included the more popular amenities within the project. These amenities include:

Natural Lake- The fact that the project was developed around a natural lake means the air is cooler and an element of natural beauty is already present without the need of artificial landscaping.

Club House – The provision of a club house means that if you want to host a family reunion, business meeting or even a resident’s get-together, you will not have to search for a venue. Plus of course, you will not be concerned with your own transportation to the gathering.

2 Swimming Pools – A swimming pool is of course a great addition for recreational activities and is something that is sure to keep children off the busy and dangerous streets. A swimming pool is also good for keeping in shape as it is considered one of the better physical training regimes.

Basketball Court – Basketball is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world and is ideal for displaying a bit of friendly competition among friends, family or neighbours.

Playground – Having a playground nearby so that the children do not have to brave the dangerous streets is a big relief for many parents, especially at weekends or during school holidays.

Park – there is nothing quite like a stroll in a park or a picnic in a park to rejuvenate the soul and let the stress of work flow from your body.

Jogging Path – For those that can’t swim or prefer not to get wet, the jogging path makes a safe and athletic alternative to the swimming pool for keeping in shape.


With recreational activities well taken care of with all the amenities available to Lotus Lakeside residents, the only other concerns a potential resident may have is with the safety and security of their families. The developer though has ensured that residents do not have to be concerned as the whole project is walled with a secure gate at the entrance, plus they have 24 hour security patrols on the premises.


Both the power and water supply to all the houses is centralized and so provides a regular and adequate supply of both, as and when needed.

With good road links to the rest of the island, driving anywhere is made easy and convenient. There is even a private road to the popular Imus Buhay na Tubig area for those residents wishing to make a visit there.

As good as the road system may be though; there may always be heavy traffic and so when the depot for the Manila Light Rail Transit System is completed in Bacoor, at least travel to or around Metro Manila will be made far easier with little need to brave the rush hour traffic.

  • Jogging/Bike Pathway
  • Picnic Benches
  • Kid's Playground
  • Amphitheater for event
  • Landscaped and Rock Gardens
  • Lake for Various activities
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